What We Do


The aims of the Association are the following ones:

  • Promoting and organizing congresses, workshops, debates, seminars, documents, publications etc. about medical-scientific contents and cardiological research to make our clinical and therapeutic competences available to anybody.
  • Organizing and supporting various cultural activities, provided that they follow MD Pietro Di Biasi’s high-standard moral and professional values as well as his intellectual curiosity.
  • Establishing a cooperative relationship with both public and private – national and international – corporations and other local associations, MDs and other organizations of the kind if they share our same mission.
  • Supporting and promoting training activities: refresher courses concerning both theory and practise, research supported by public authorities, associations and private citizens.
  • Supporting and promoting scholarships for deserving students or researchers in the medical-scientific field.
  • Supporting and promoting the publishing of reports, conference or seminar proceedings, studies and researches.
  • Founding cardiovascular first-aid stations offered to those people belonging to disadvantaged categories: those who – though needing a cardiologic evaluation – can’t get any diagnosis and treatment.
  • Developing the project named “CAMPUS HEART HEALTHCARE”: first-aid stations to be set up on the occasion of social and public events to offer citizens the chance to check their health condition (BP and a cardiologic special consultation to take into account cardiovascular risk factors).

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