About Us

Who's WhoThe Italian non-profit Association named "Pietro Di Biasi Amici del Cuore" aims at keeping MD Pietro Di Biasi’s memory alive. He was a brilliant, highly-experienced cardiosurgeon who prematurely died of oncological disease. The Association promotes activities within the medical-scientific and cultural field and it’s involved in the cardiological research in support of the Italian healthcare. Individuals, companies and firms, associations and corporations can all join "Pietro Di Biasi Amici del Cuore" if they aim at fulfilling the purposes of the association displayed in its statute. From its recent foundation, thanks to lots of friends’ efforts and my own commitment the Association has focused on several purposes among which the one of establishing a cooperative relationship with GPs and cardiologists to foster cultural exchanges and the knowledge of new instruments so as to work out better diagnosis and therapies and to favour the clinic and experimental research aiming at diagnosing and attending to patients affected by cardiovascular diseases.

Its further purposes are the following:

  • The development of a medical-scientific activity following MD Pietro Di Biasi’s intellectual curiosity and high standard moral and professional values, fostering professional upgrading by arranging and financially supporting congresses, seminars, and retraining courses concerning both theory and practise.
  • The financial support of research programmes cooperating with both public and private – national and international – corporations and other local associations.
  • The promotion of cardiovascular disease prevention all over the country, offering citizens the educational supplies favouring its spreading to foster an effective healthcare aiming at openly improving the current assets and at better satisfying the citizen’s needs.
  • The connection with national and international research centres to exchange experiences and arrange professional upgrading.
  • CAMPUS HEART HEALTHCARE: First-aid stations to be set up on the occasion of social and public events to offer citizens the chance to check their health condition (BP and a cardiologic special consultation to take into account cardiovascular risk factors).
  • Cardiovascular first-aid stations offered to those people belonging to disadvantaged categories: those who - though needing a cardiologic evaluation - can’t get any diagnosis and treatment.
  • Information regarding the efficacy, safety and suitability of cardiologic diagnosis and therapies.
  • The setting-up of publishing activities for reports, conference proceedings, studies and researches.

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